The present disclosure pertains to a nail clipping device (100) including a nail5 cutter (102), a set of sensors (104) configured with the nail cutter (102), where theset of sensors (104) are configured to sense distance between one or more nailsand the nail cutter (102) and correspondingly generate a first set of signals. Aslider (106) movably coupled to the nail cutter (102), a pump (108) operativelycoupled to the slider (106), and a controller (110) operatively coupled to the pump10 (106), and the set of sensors (104). The controller (110) is configured to extractcalculated distance from the first set of signals, compare the calculated distancewith a pre-stored distance limit, and generate a set of actuation signals, when thecalculated distance is within the pre-stored distance limit or equal to the pre-storeddistance limit, where the set of actuation signals enables the pump (108) to move15 the slider (106) and facilitates clipping the one or more nails.


Ravneet Kaur, Ramandeep Singh, Ashish Gera

Patent File Number - 202011052723        Patent File Date - 03/12/2020