The present disclosure pertains to a multistep water purification system (100) and5 device (200). The system (100) includes a first tank (102) for raw water, a purifiertank (104) with plurality of filter sections (106) and a first outlet section (108).The system (100) includes a second tank (110, water softening element (114), aset of sensors (116), a control unit (118) and an alert unit (120). The system (100)includes extra mineral filter to adds up mineral quantity which is lost during10 purifying process and a set of sensors detecting the quality of water and status offilters. The second tank (110) collects waste water coming out from the purifiertank (104) and the water softening element (1140 enables in retreating wastewater for making the waste water available for household chores. The first outletsection (108) includes an infuser (202) detachably coupled and used to detoxify15 drinking water with fruits or herbs.


Geeta Rani, Jayoti Bansal, Amandeep Kaur

Patent File Number - 202111029033        Patent File Date - 29/06/2021