The present invention generally relates to the field of vehicle design engineering and more specifically to a human driven rickshaw/pedicab. The rear wheel turns it opposite direction to the front wheel without any kinematic link provided due to the negative caster given to it. The wheels are arranged in a diamond pattern. Instead of two wheels in front and two in back, the present invention features individual wheels at the front and rear which steered in opposite directions to enhance maneuverability (a controlled change in the movement of vehicle).The diamond shaped geometry, allows the chassis to form a planar, simple structure, small footprint, can accordingly increase the space and can greatly simplify the production process, can reduce cost and weight and also facilitate manufacturing quality control. In addition to these features the rickshaw/pedicab can be operated by dual mechanism, either by motor or by manual paddling.


Shivam Sahni

Patent File Number - 2742/DEL/2014        Patent File Date - 24/09/2014