The present disclosure pertains to a multipurpose cleaning device (100) including5 a first member (102) ,a second member (104) hingedly coupled to the firstmember (102) , and configured to move between a first predefined angle like zerodegree and a second predefined angle like one hundred and eighty degree withrespect to the first member (102), one or more rolling brushes (106) configuredwith the first member (102) and the second member (104) to facilitate cleaning of10 the one or more surfaces, and a vacuum unit (108) operatively configured with thefirst member (102) and the second member (104), and configured to accumulatedust particles from the one or more surfaces.. The device (100) includes a handle(112) coupled to at least any or a combination of the first member (102) and thesecond member (104) and configured to adjust a length of the handle (112)15 between predetermined heights using locking means


Sonam Mittal, K. R. Ramkumar, Sudesh Mittal

Patent File Number - 202011037948        Patent File Date - 03/09/2020