The present disclosure provides a movable port (100) comprising one of more5 tracks (102), rigidly attached to the perimeter of housing of a rechargeableelectronic device. The one or more tracks (102) are configured to support amovable assembly (104) comprising a frame coupled to a socket (106), furthercoupled to the one or more tracks (102), configured to accommodate a connectorof an external cable and provide transfer of a set of signals between the10 electronic device and an external device through the external cable, the set ofsignals including electric power. The movable assembly (104) comprises amechanical actuator (108) coupled to the one or more tracks (102) and the frame(106) and enabled to slide along the one or more tracks bidirectionally.Translational motion of the mechanical actuator (108) is configured to15 engage/disengage the first set of teeth attached to the frame (106) and the secondset of teeth attached to the one or more tracks (102).


Tarandeep Kaur Bhatia, Arshdeep Singh

Patent File Number - 202111022604        Patent File Date - 18/05/2021