The present disclosure relates to a system to monitor a subject, the system 1005 includes a Virtual Reality (VR) headset 102 configured to generate a first set ofsignals, and where the first set of signals pertain to simulated questionnaireassociated with the subject, a monitoring unit 104 operatively coupled with theVR headset 102 , the monitoring unit 104 being worn by the subject to monitorone or more physiological attributes based on the simulated questionnaire, and10 correspondingly generate a second set of signals. The system 100 includes aprocessing unit 106 operatively coupled with the VR headset 102, where theprocessing unit 106 facilitates the simulation of VR headset 102 based on thesimulated questionnaire attributes, and monitor the one or more physiologicalattributes of the subject. The VR headset 102 transmits the first set of signals and15 the second set of signals to the processing unit 106.


Gurwinder Singh, Shivam Sharma, Neha Tuli, Archana Mantri

Patent File Number - 202011036603        Patent File Date - 25/08/2020