The present disclosure pertains to a monitoring and distributing system (100)5 including one or more dispensing units (102), and a processing unit 110 where theone or more dispensing units (102) includes a storage unit (104) adapted toreceive and accommodate one or more objects, a sensor (108) operatively coupledto the storage unit (104) and configured to sense the one or more objects insidethe storage unit (104) and an outlet (106) configured to dispense at least one of the10 one or more objects. The processing unit (110) is configured to update a dataset,where the dataset includes count of the dispensed at least one of the one or moreobjects associated with the at least one of the one or more dispensing units (102)and generate a set of alert signals and a set of warning signals and transmit to oneor more mobile computing devices associated with one or more entities.


Shivani Malhotra, Rubina Dutta, Harsimranjit Kaur, Amit Kumar, Pulkit Gaur

Patent File Number - 202011040830        Patent File Date - 21/09/2020