Microwave Based Machine for Destroying Variety of Weeds

The present invention discloses a microwave based machine for destroying variety of weeds. This is achieved with the help of sensing multiple biological characteristics of weed such as moisture, PH and leaf pattern SIMULTANEOUSLY and then processing the signals in a way that there is CONFIRMATION of presence or absence of any type of weed. No weed will miss the eye of multiple sensors. The present invention also includes special hanging arms to diverge crop leaves to make path. This helps the machine traverse the farm even at the stage when the crop is growing and have some finite height without damaging it. One more feature of the present invention is the directive and focussed exposure to microwaves on weeds only thereby saving the crop or the farm soil from adverse effects of microwaves on the fertility of soil or the health of crop.


Nitin Saluja

Patent File Number - 2976/DEL/2014        Patent File Date - 18/10/2014