Method for Preparing A formulation To Reduce Pain To Patient

A method for preparing a formulation to reduce pain at a site in human/animal is disclosed. The method includes steps of: exposing a predetermined quantity of a vegetable oil present in a container to sunlight for a first period of time, wherein the exposure enhances viscosity of the oil and reduces losing of nutrients, minerals etc. properties of the oil; placing the
container in a dark place for a second period of time such that solar energy is absorbed by the oil properly, and the container is placed in cool place for a predefined time during second period of time; exposing container with oil to magnetic materials for a third period of time to transfer magnetic attributes and magnetic energy to oil via container; and placing container in cool place for a fourth period of time to form as formulation and to improve lifetime of formulation.


Tarandeep kaur Bhatia, Kulpreet kaur Bhatia, Harmeet Singh Bhatia, Ramkumar Ketti Ramachandran

Patent File Number - 201911033207        Patent File Date - 16/08/2019