Method And System for Securing Communication Between A Card And A Card Machine

The present disclosure provides a system and method for establishing a communication channel between a card and a card processing unit 106. The card is operatively coupled to the card processing unit 106 through a card machine 102. Authentication of the cardis based on a comparison of a first key code associated with the card and a dataset including pre-stored key codes. When the card is authenticated,asecondkey code is generated by the card processing unit 106. The card processing unit 106 enablesthe second key code to replace the first key code on the memory associated with the card through the card machine 102. The second key code replaces the first key code in the dataset. The system 100 issues a warning signal
representing detection of card cloning based on a negative comparison of the key code associated with the card and the dataset.


Manish Sharma, Thurai M. Pandian

Patent File Number - 201911051946        Patent File Date - 14/12/2019