The present invention discloses a mechanically operated wire clamp which comprises a Base, Wire Gripper, Spring, spring holders , Lock, opening for wire and Vertical column . The clamping device of present invention holds wire, firmly without distorting it from one end opening of the clamp. It connects the bare ends of the wire, three wires can be connected at a time. Spring is used in the clamping device of present invention which keeps the wires at its place. The present invention replaces the use of tapes over the wires thereby good and safe connectivity. The notch where contact made is not constrained means it can be moved easily and hence its circuit will be incomplete. With simple configuration and easy manner of use the device possesses strong, long-lasting joint with less chance of sparking, the present invention provides huge application.


Kashish Mathreja, Harvinder Singh Shera

Patent File Number - 201611015115        Patent File Date - 30/04/2016