The present invention discloses an intravenous fluid monitoring system. A set of sensors isconfigured with the container to sense one or more attributes associated with pressure inside thecontainer, and weight of the intravenous fluid. A rotary device is configured with the regulator ofthe container, and regulates flow of the intravenous fluid from the container. The processing unitdetermine the pressure inside the container by selecting a first set of attributes from the one ormore attributes, and weight of the intravenous fluid by selecting a second set of attributes fromthe one or more attributes. Generating a control signal by comparing the first set of attributes andsecond set of attributes with predefined thresholds, wherein based on comparison of first set ofattributes and second set of attributes the processing unit enables rotary device to stop supply ofintravenous fluid from the container.


Deepali Gupta, Sheifali Gupta, Harsha Chauhan, Vishal Verma, Udit Jindal, Rupesh Gupta

Patent File Number - 202011006986        Patent File Date - 18/02/2020