Internet of Things (Iot) And Artificial Intelligence Enabled Tea Vending System

The present disclosure relates to a smart vending system (302) that uses green/natural tea leaves instead of processed tea. The smart vending system (302) includes a display device (302), one or more components, a memory (308) and a processor (306). The display device (302) receives inputs associated with physical or physiological characteristics of a user. One or more components 10 arranged in the smart vending system, each of said components adapted to store edible leaves. The memory (308) stores a machine learning (ML) module (310). The processor (308) executes ML module to enable smart vending system to determine current health condition of the user based on the received inputs and obtain a pre-determined quantity of a combination of the edible leaves from the 15 components to dispense the nutritional serving in a container based on the
determined health condition.


Ramkumar Ketti Ramachandran, Neha Sharma

Patent File Number - 201911021602        Patent File Date - 30/05/2019