The present disclosure relates to a system (100) for treating greywater, the system5 includes a reservoir (104) configured to receive greywater from a source through afirst set of pipelines (102), the reservoir (104) fluidically coupled to the sources. Afirst filter (106), upon operation of a pump (112), configured to receive thegreywater from the reservoir (104), the first filter (106) adapted to filter a first setof contaminates from the greywater. A second filter (110) adapted to receive the10 filtered greywater from the first filter (106) through a second set of pipelines (108),wherein the second filter (110) comprises nanoparticles for incorporation into plantstructures and adapted to filter a second set of contaminates from the greywater, thetreated greywater from the second filter (110) is stored in a storage unit to distributethe treated greywater for reuse.


Jyotsna Kaushal, Mohit Kapoor, Partha Khanra, Harjeet Singh

Patent File Number - 202111030342        Patent File Date - 06/07/2021