Improved Mechanism for Valve Actuation In Camless Engine

The present invention discloses an improved mechanism for valve actuation in camless engine. The inventors have replaced the sensors by using a laser light (9) and LDR (5) based circuit system. In this, a disc with a pin hole is attached on the crank shaft and it helps to track the orientation of the crankshaft. It helps to detect the instance at which the hole on the rotating disc comes in front of the laser beam. This signal goes to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) which counts the Revolutions per minute (RPM) and helps to time the valves as per the crankshaft orientation. As the whole system is fixed outside the engine block. Thus, the laser light and LDR based circuit system used can be of low working temperature range. Therefore, reducing the cost of the system and making it possible for this technology to be used more often.


Rupesh Gupta, Sheifali Gupta, Param Gupta, Aanchal Sharma

Patent File Number - 201611015126        Patent File Date - 30/04/2016