Improved Mechanism for Converting Gear Tramission of Motorcycle From Manual To Automatic

The present invention discloses an improved mechanism for converting manual gear transmission of motorcycle into automatic which is easy to use for a new rider without any issue of engaging clutch and changing gear manually. The inventors have provided a separate clutch pedal and a gear pedal fixed adjacent to the normal existing gear pedal. The clutch pedal is given three movements upward, downward and a central position. The clutch pedal and gear pedal move in same direction as they are fastened together and are further connected to pneumatic cylinder rod and ECU for its functioning. The whole mechanism is fixed externally without configuring any internal components of the motorcycle. The mechanism automates manual gear transmission that also intends to increase its efficiency. So the inventors have provided a simple, robust, low cost and easy to fit mechanism that provides comfortable riding experience even for a new learning rider.


Rupesh Gupta, Bhavneet Gupta, Sheifali Gupta, Chandan Rajpurohoit, Dhruv Kochar

Patent File Number - 201611036334        Patent File Date - 24/10/2016