Improved formulation of Glimepiride With Enhanced Solubility

Glimepiride is a third generation anti-diabetic drug used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent diabetes). It is a sulphonyl urea compound which is poorly water soluble. The present invention discloses an improved formulation of Glimepiride with enhanced solubility. The improved formulation consists of modified locust bean gum as the solubility enhancer in a specific ratio of 1: 6 (drug: gum). The method used for making the composition is solid dispersion technique employing solvent evaporation in which the drug is dissolved in solvent along with polymer and thereafter solvent is evaporated. The improved formulation shows solubility enhancement of around 89% over a period of 2 hours.


Manju Nagpal, Masha Rajput, Kanav Midha, Sandeep Arora

Patent File Number - 2656/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 26/08/2015