The present disclosure pertains to a hybrid image adaptive 5 watermarking systemand method. The system (100) includes an image sensor (102) configured tocapture one or more images of interest and generate a first set of signals, anencoder (106) operatively coupled to the image sensor and configured to extractone or more segmented blocks associated with the one or more images of interest10 from the first set of signals, select at least one high entropy block from the one ormore segmented blocks, transform one or more wavelets associated with the atleast one high entropy block, and embed a set of watermarked bits into a first setof wavelets from the one or more wavelets , and where the embedded set ofwatermarked bits facilitate watermarking the one or more images using a15 modifiable Hybrid Strength Factor (HSF) , discrete wavelet transform and FastWalsh-Hadamard Transform and decoding the embedded set of watermarked bitsusing a decoder (108).


Preeti Sharma, Kulbir Singh, Neeru Jindal

Patent File Number - 202011052108        Patent File Date - 30/11/2020