The present disclosure pertains to a holographic screen creation system (100) and5 method (400). The system (100) includes a first screen (102), a second screen(104), a processor (106), and an illumination source (108). The first screen (102)is associated with a computing device, where the first screen facilitate displaying atwo dimensional visual attributes, where the first screen (102) includes an outerlayer and an inner layer. The illumination source (108) is configured within the10 first screen (102), where the illumination source (108) facilitate illuminating anarea of interest inside the inner layer of the first screen (102). The processor (106)is operatively coupled to the first screen, and facilitate displaying holographicview on outer layer of the first screen, and enables creation of a second screen.The second screen (104) is created such that internal reflection of the illumination15 source (106) creates a holographic image on outer layer of the first screen (102)and on surrounding sides to give a three -dimensional view.


Tarandeep Kaur Bhatia, Arshdeep Singh

Patent File Number - 202111007396        Patent File Date - 22/02/2021