The present disclosure pertains to a health monitoring system and device, where the system include one or more devices associated with one or more entities, where each of the oneor more devices includes a first set of sensors configured to detect temperature and pulseof the one or more entities, a second set of sensors configured to detect cough, coldassociated with the one or more entities , and a first processing unit configured to extract andcompare a third set of signals and a fourth set of signals based on the detected temperature,pulse, cold, and cough parameters. The system includes a server communicativelycoupled with the one or more devices configured to create a training and testing dataset,where the training and testing dataset facilitates the system to predetermine health of the oneor more entities.


Prateek Srivastav, Jasminder Kaur Sandhu, Deepam Goyal, Luxmi Sapra

Patent File Number - 202011034666        Patent File Date - 12/08/2020