The present disclosure pertains to a health diagnosis and assisting system (100) to5 be used in preliminary diagnostic procedures. The system includes a device (102)having a display unit (104) configured to receive one or more health attributesfrom a subject and a set of acoustic sensors (106) configured to receive a pluralityof cough sounds from the subject, and a processing unit (108) to analyze thereceived one or more health attributes and the plurality of cough sounds to provide10 information such as risk, precautions and medications associated to one or morediseases. The system (100) further configured to schedule medications associatedwith the one or more diseases, and reminds the subject to take medications ontime.


Amandeep Kaur, Rakesh Ahuja, Meenu Khurana, Vikas Lamba, Vinay Kukreja, Sanjeev Kumar, Poonam Jindal

Patent File Number - 202111030944        Patent File Date - 09/07/2021