A hand relief smart threader tool 100 including a housing 102 , where a first end of the housing102 includes a first opening adapted to receive a needle 202 having a thread engaging means204, a conduit 104 at least partially disposed at a first predetermined position in the housing 102,and adapted to facilitate insertion of a thread inside the housing 102 and a sensor 106 configuredwith an alert unit 108, and positioned at a second predetermined position, where the sensor 106 isconfigured to detect alignment of a second opening of the conduit 104 with the thread engagingmeans 204 of the needle 202 being at least partially moved inside the housing 102, andcorrespondingly generate a first set of signals, and where the alert unit 108 is configured togenerate a set of alert signals based on the received first set of signals.


Charu Khosla, Pranav, Pranav Garg, Sukhdev Singh

Patent File Number - 202011031196        Patent File Date - 21/07/2020