The present disclosure relates to a massager (100) for massaging body part of5 user, the massager (100) includes a handle (102) adapted to hold the massager,and a housing (104) coupled to the handle to provide massage, said housing (104)includes a circular massaging surface (106) adapted to accommodate plurality ofprotruding elements (118), an absorbing element (108) for absorbing anddispensing the fluid, a cover (110) with plurality of holes (128) to dispense the10 fluid through the plurality of holes, and a motor (112). The motor (112) activatesby turning on the switches coupled to the massager, and upon activation the motor(112) rotates the housing (104) to massage the body part of the user through theprotruding elements (118). Also, the fluid dispenses from the absorbing element(108) upon squeezing the absorbing element (108) through a body part of the user15 to assist in massage.


Taniya, Virender Kadyan, Pranav Garg

Patent File Number - 202011045912        Patent File Date - 21/10/2020