The present disclosure pertains to a grilling apparatus (100) including a housing5 (102), where the housing includes a framework (104). The framework (104)includes a central supporting elongate member (106), a set of bars (108), and afirst circular component (110). The apparatus (100) include a motor (112) and acontroller (114). The motor (112) and the controller (114) facilitates rotation ofthe central supporting elongate member (106) with help of the first circular10 component , where the rotation enables movement of the set of bars (108), wherethe set of bars (108) are adapted to accommodate one or more food items andfacilitate cooking of one or more food items.


Manpreet Singh, Gurdyal Singh, Ramgopal, Amit Wadhera, Rupesh Gupta, Varsha Singh, Shefali Gupta, Deepali Gupta, Jaswinder Singh, Kanwardeep Singh

Patent File Number - 202011051778        Patent File Date - 27/11/2020