The present disclosure relates to a device (100) for controlling geyser, the device5 includes a time selection unit (102) comprising a stage selection switch (104) to settemperature parameters at corresponding time intervals based on water level in atank, the tank having a heating element; and a controller (106) operatively coupledto the time selection unit, the controller unit configured to receive, from the timeselection unit (102), the temperature parameters at corresponding time intervals10 based on water level in the tank; and extract, from the temperature parameters, a setof values for the temperature parameters, wherein based on the extracted set ofvalues of the temperature parameters, the controller configured to control thetemperature of water at corresponding time intervals based on the requirement ofthe water level in the tank.


Rakesh Kumar, Tanvi Verma, Rashmi Aggarwal

Patent File Number - 202111035617        Patent File Date - 06/08/2021