Gene Targeted Metal Decorated Nanomaterials As Novel Mri Agents

The present invention relates to smart nano-scaffolds as MRI contrast agents and method of preparation thereof. The MRI contrast agents of the present invention are prepared using nontoxic nanomaterials functionalized with non-toxic organic fragments and gene targeting moiety via an aryl linker. The present invention further relates to the use of nontoxic
10 nanomaterials such as bio-friendly quantum dots of glucose, graphene or carbon and/or boron nanotube surface functionalized with non-toxic amine fragment and/or carbohydrate and gene targeting moiety such as nucleosides or nucleotides or DNA or RNA or aptamer or oligonucleotide via an aryl linker, wherein the non-toxic amine fragment and/or carbohydrate
serve as chelating partner for metal (Fe or Pt). The present invention also relates to use of smart 15 nano-scaffolds based MRI contrast agents in early detection of cancer or brain tumor.


Mohit Kapoor, Partha Khanra, Pankaj Kumar

Patent File Number - 201911020198        Patent File Date - 21/05/2019