The invention discloses a footwear with automatic adjustable heel height wherein the heel is configured to adjust its height from ground as per requirement of the user by using a mobile application. A mini screw-jack arrangement connected with a motor unit is placed within a defined heel area. The motor obtains a signal from a controller placed at suitable place nearby heel area. An additional communication module connects the controller with mobile application. Whenever user wants to adjust the heel height, user presses button from mobile application which signals the controller via communication module to start the motor unit. The connected motor unit accordingly rotates the mini screw-jack arrangement to either shift up or down the heel height from ground. The outer periphery of heel area is surrounded by an adjustable material.


Surya Narayan Panda, Bharti Sood, Naveen Kumar, Chanpreet Singh, Benu Bansal, Sachin Ahuja, Prasant Kumar Pattnaik

Patent File Number - 201811019765        Patent File Date - 26/05/2018