A foot actuated toilet flushing apparatus 100 for flushing a toilet is disclosed. The5 disclosed apparatus 100 includes an elongated member 102 having a first section104 and a second section 106. The first section 104 configured at a bottom end ofthe elongated member 102, and the second section 106 configured at a top end ofthe elongated member 102, and adapted to activate a flushing element 108 of atoilet. An actuating unit 202 operatively configured in between said first section10 104 and the second section 106, such that upon actuation of said actuating unit202 by a user, said second section moves, and correspondingly exerts a predefinedforce on the flushing element 108 to facilitate flushing.


Ishita, Surya Narayan Panda, Kalpna Guleria

Patent File Number - 202111019535        Patent File Date - 28/04/2021