Food Inspection Device And Method of Use Thereof

The present disclosure relates to insect detecting systems, and more specifically, to a food inspection system (hereinafter interchangeably referred as detection system or detection device) and method for the detection of worms inside pea pods and separation of defaulted pea pods. The detection device includes an X-Ray generator 210, an image processing device 212 and a robotic arm separator 214. The X-Ray generator 210 emits X-rays having a wavelength suitable to illuminate the pod within the detection device to reproduce one or more images associated with the internals of the pod. The image processing device 212
processes said one or more images reproduced by the X-Ray generator to detect presence of the one or more worms in said pod. The robotic arm separator 214 communicably coupled with the image processing device 212 and is configured to separate said pod upon detecting presence of the one or more worms.


Shalli Rani, Ashok kumar, Diksha Sharma, Somanshu Chaudhary

Patent File Number - 201911017836         Patent File Date - 03/05/2019