Folding Bicycle And Its Mechanism of Folding Thereof

The present invention provides a less time consuming and more efficient mechanism for folding a bicycle which can be folded into such a compact form that the bicycle can be easily transported. The folding bicycle comprises of a door hinge, allowing the length to be shortened, while keeping the crank set (bicycle chain) in the same alignment. Both the wheels axis coincides with each other, to bring down the folded size of the bicycle to half of its original length. An interlocking member is provided to lock the bicycle in folded position which enhances convenience in its folding. A shock absorbing device is fitted at the rear wheel which prevents the transmission of shocks from being transmitted to the rider. Hence a folding method that is easy, require less time to fold the bicycle and aesthetically pleasing after folding is disclosed in the present invention.


Lavan Jain, Divyanshu Sood , Akashdeep Singh Chahal

Patent File Number - 311/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 03/02/2015