The present disclosure relates to a vehicle collision avoidance system, and morespecifically, to a fogminator, system and method for automatic reduction orretardation of a vehicle’s speed during fog. An aspect of the present disclosurerelates to a system (200) for controlling a vehicle. The system (200) includes asensor (202) and an engine control unit (ECU) (208). The sensor (202) configuredon the vehicle to obtain a distance between the sensor and an object. The enginecontrol unit (ECU) (208) of the vehicle communicably coupled with the sensor toretrieve obtained distance between the sensor and the object to compare a firstvalue of the retrieved distance with a second value pre-stored in the ECU. TheECU (208) controls the vehicle, based on an output of the comparison of the firstvalue and the second value.


Nikhil Sharma, Amrinder Singh, Nitesh Parmar, Harun Faridi, Apprwa Haldiyan

Patent File Number - 201911022157        Patent File Date - 04/06/2019