Farmer Interactive Remotely Controlled Rice Crop Disease Detection System

The present invention discloses a farmer interactive remotely controlled rice crop disease detection system comprising a hand held device with display and an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with a camera and processor along with embedded image processing software. Camera at UAV captures the live video of the rice field and transmits it to handheld device using ZigBee Wireless Communication. Farmer visualizes the diseased crop from remote location without entering the field. He gives command to UAV to click picture of such diseased plant which does so and that picture (image) is processed at UAV/Drone site itself. The disease name is identified and information about that which pesticide should be used and in how much quantity, it should be given is transmitted to handheld device for the farmer to see the same on LED display. All this is done with the help of ZigBee Wireless Communication.


Sheifali Gupta, Satpal Singh, Sagar Juneja, Rupesh Gupta

Patent File Number - 201613036100        Patent File Date - 21/10/2016