Energy Efficient And Intelligent Cluster Type Heterogeneous System for Grid Based Wireless Sensor Networks

Inventors have designed a grid based network layout that can be effectively used for proliferation of wireless sensor networks in organized spaces like homes, buildings and cities. Owing to the variety of sensors that can be deployed in these smart spaces, heterogeneity is achieved. To achieve power efficiency and scalability, a new intelligent and heterogeneity aware clustering arrangement is then overlaid on the grid-based network. The whole process of network deployment and commissioning is phased into developing a well labeled grid layout plan, deploying a gateway device and/ or sink device for the grid, deploying native location tags, deploying sensor nodes in the grid layout, Star/ Mesh Network formation and finally Intelligent Cluster formation within a grid location.


Rajvir Singh , Rama Krishna Challa

Patent File Number - 201611028872        Patent File Date - 24/08/2016