The electronically controlled nursing bed is helpful for bedridden patients to change their positions automatically or periodically as suggested by doctors. The whole device is self-controlled in specific angles/positions/tilt. To prevent patient from bedsores the electronically controlled nursing bed helps the patient to change their position to left, right or at a particular angle by hand gesture control. Apart from bed positioning patient can control room environment like light, fan, window curtain, blanket wrapping by its own, without any attendant/ caretaker help. Caretaker/attendant can help patient in his/her bowl movement without lifting the patient form bed. The invention provides sanitary trolley under the bed with switch controlled movement. Hence the present invention provides complete patient care and decreases the requirement of the hospital caring staff.


Amitoj Singh, Vidhyotma Gandhi, Piyush Insaa, Pranay Walia

Patent File Number - 3133/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 30/09/2015