The present disclosure pertains to an electronic equipment visualization system(100) and method (400). The system includes one or more electronic equipments(102), an authentication unit (104), scanner (106), a signal converter (108), aprocessor (110), and a display (112). The one more electronic equipments (102)are configured to receive a set of input signals through an entity. The scanner10 (106) is configured to scan an authentication code associated with one or moreelectronic equipments (102). The signal converter (108) is configured to convertthe set of input signals into a set of output signals. The processor (110) isconfigured to modify and update frequency and amplitude parameters to generateone or more signal waveforms in response to the modified and updated frequency15 and amplitude parameters. The processor (110) facilitate transmitting the one ormore waveforms to a display (112), where the displayed one or more waveformsenable visualization of one or more signal waveforms of at least one of the one ormore electronic equipments (102).


Gurjinder Singh, Archana Mantri, Bhanu Sharma, Narinder Pal Singh, Rashpinder Kaur

Patent File Number - 202111004157        Patent File Date - 30/01/2021