Electronic Device for Simultaneous Working of Multiple Operating Systems on A Digital Electronic Device

The inventors of the present invention have developed an electronic device which could support multiple operating systems simultaneously on a common platform and will be capable of supporting virtual switch without actual switching operation by the user. This is achieved by using a translator (detector) that will eliminate the need to restart the system. It will link the processors together and create a common background. When an application is downloaded from web, the translator (detector) accesses the programming language of the app requested and stores the application in the linked hard drive and installs the program when the respective operating system is in use. Hence the user need not restart a particular operating system as there is virtual switching without actual switch. Both the processors are in action simultaneously hence increasing the speed and efficiency of the electronic device.


Trinkush Singla, Sonanshu, Tina, Sumeet Singh Arora

Patent File Number - 135/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 15/01/2015