The invention discloses an electronic assistive mat for acupressure of hand and its method of use. The mat comprises a plurality of actuators as well as LED pattern distributed therein and a controller configured to control the actuators within the area of active LED pattern. User places his/her hand over mat and presses the actuators which therefore activates LED pattern as per the shape of hand which provide a visual information to the user for placing hand as well as an instruction to the controller to control the actuators of the actuation area within the active area of LED pattern. For use, the mat is to be connected with computer with associated software which enables user to choose various acupressure points within hand and initiate the acupressure process.


Pinkashia Sharma, Jaiteg Singh, Sachin Ahuja, Jasmeet Kaur, Surya Narayan Panda

Patent File Number - 201811016284        Patent File Date - 30/04/2018