The present disclosure pertains to an electromagnetic cleaning device and method.5 The device (100) includes a container (102), a nano magnetic material (104), amovable magnetic bar (106), and a sound generator (108). The container (102)adapted to receive and accommodate a pre-defined amount of waste fluid, andincludes four quadrant curved metal sheet wounded by one or more copper coil.The nano magnetic material (104) is dispersed inside the container (102), and10 facilitates in binding and coagulating pollutants onto the nano magnetic materialsof the waste fluid, and enables in separating the magnetic pollutants from the nonmagnetic pollutants immersed inside the waste fluid. The movable magnetic bar(106) is configured to be placed inside the container (102), where the movablemagnetic bar (106) facilitates collecting pollutants from the waste fluid, where an15 electromagnetic field is applied in direction of the waste fluid to facilitatecollection of the metallic pollutants through magnetization.


Meenakshi Dhiman, Partha Khanra

Patent File Number - 202111023202        Patent File Date - 25/05/2021