The present disclosure pertains to an educational device (100) that makes the5 learning process more enjoyable and productive. The educational device (100)includes a housing (102) having a plurality of switches (108) associated with atleast one of a renewable energy resource, a non-renewable energy resource and aletter of an alphabet of one or more languages. The housing (102) supports adisplay unit (110) for displaying associated set of images, and a speaker (112) for10 producing associated audio signals upon actuation of at least one of the switch. Aprocessor (204) in the housing operatively coupled with the plurality of switches(108), the display unit (110) and the speaker (112), the processor (204) configuredfor producing the set of images on the display unit (110), and audible signals tothe speaker (112) upon actuation of at least one of the plurality of switches (108).


Shalli Rani, Himanshi Babbar, Deepali Gupta

Patent File Number - 202111008795        Patent File Date - 02/03/2021