The present disclosure pertains to a drafting tool for designing purpose. The5 drafting tool (100) includes a first section including a T scale (102) configured todraw horizontal lines on a drawing representation medium. The drafting tool (100)includes a second section including a protractor (104), and a scale (106). Theprotractor (104) is configured to measure and mark one or more angles on thedrawing representation medium. The scale (106) is movably coupled to the10 protractor (104), where the scale (104) facilitates in drawing straight lines formarked one or more marked angles. The second section is configured to slidehorizontally on the first section through a string (108). The scale (106), and theprotractor (104) are movably coupled, and the scale (106), and the protractor(104) are configured to slide horizontally on the T-Scale (102) with assistance of15 the string (108).


Asmita Sharma, Harleen Kaur, Smita Patra

Patent File Number - 202111026426        Patent File Date - 14/06/2021