The present disclosure pertains to a door handle (100) to facilitate disinfecting andalerting an entity. The door handle (100) includes a first 5 set of sensors (102)configured to sense temperature of the entity and generate a first set of signals, acontainer (106) configured with the handle and adapted to accommodate one ormore fluids, where the container (106) includes a second set of sensors (104)configured to sense one or more hands and generate a second set of signals, and a10 controller (108) operatively coupled to the first set of sensors (102). The controller(108) is configured to extract a calculated temperature of the entity, compare thecalculated temperature with a pre-determined temperature limit, and generate a setof activating signals based on the received second set of signals when thecompared temperature is within the pre-determined temperature limit to facilitate15 dispensing the one or more fluids on the one or more hands through the container(106).


Mohit Kumar, Tania Bose, Jasdev Bhatti, Satvik Chachra

Patent File Number - 202011054148        Patent File Date - 12/12/2020