The present disclosure discloses a dispensing and alerting apparatus 100 that can5 include a receptacle 102 that having compartments that are adapted to confine oneor more objects, and a lid 104 coupled to the receptacle 102. The receptacle 102includes buttons, where each of the buttons is associated with at least one of thecompartments of the receptacle 102. The apparatus 100 includes sensors 106operatively coupled to the buttons and the receptacle 102, and a control unit 11010 operatively coupled to the sensors 106. When a person exerts a pre-determinedpressure on at least one of the buttons, the sensors 106 sense said pressure, andcorrespondingly the control unit 110 generates a set of dispensing signals toenable controlled dispensing of at least one of the one or more objects from theapparatus 100.


Meena Pundir, Jasminder Kaur Sandhu, Ankush Kumar Bedyal, Malkit Singh

Patent File Number - 202011041507        Patent File Date - 24/09/2020