The present disclosure pertains to a digital lock and security system (100)including a mobile computing device (104, 108) associated with 5 a first entity(106) and a second entity (110), a device (112) including a lock (202), a controller(208), and a displayer (204) configured to display a matrix of numbers, an imagecapturer (206) configured to capture an image of a second entity (110) and thefirst entity (106) and correspondingly generate a first set of signals. The mobile10 computing device (104) associate with the first entity (106) are configured togenerate an encrypted code upon receiving the set of alert signals , where theencrypted code is generated after a questionnaire is authenticated by the controller(208), and where the encrypted code is transmitted to the mobile computingdevice (108) associated with the second entity (110) and the device (112) upon15 authentication of the questionnaire, and the controller (208) configured toauthenticate the encrypted code fed by the second entity (110) through thedisplayer (204).


Neha Sharma, Geetanjali, Sonam Aggarwal, Srishti Priya Chaturvedi

Patent File Number - 202011054100        Patent File Date - 12/12/2020