Diabetic Retinopathy Prediction Device System And Method Thereof

An aspect of the present disclosure relates to a device for early prediction of diabetic retinopathy with application of deep learning. The device includes an image capturing device, a memory coupled to processor. The image capturing device obtains a retinal fundus image from the user. The memory comprising executable instructions which upon execution by the processor configures the device to obtain physiological parameters of the user in real-time from the image capturing device, retrieve the obtained retinal fundus image and the one or more obtained physiological parameters and compare the one or more extracted features with at least one pre-stored feature in a database to generate at least a prediction result indicative of detection of the presence, the progression or the treatment effect of the disease in the user.


Sheifali Gupta, Rakesh Ahuja, Meenu Garg, Rupesh Gupta, Deepali Gupta, Sachin Ahuja

Patent File Number - 201911029805        Patent File Date - 23/07/2019