The present disclosure pertains to a device (100) to facilitate screening for an5 entity, the device (100) includes a temperature sensor (102) configured to generatea set of temperature signals associated with temperature of the entity , at least onealarm units (110), a display unit (112), a scanning unit (108), a positioning unit(106) and a processing unit (104). The processing unit (104) is configured toreceive the set of temperature signals and determine from the set of temperature10 signals a first temperature limit and a second temperature limit, where the secondtemperature limit exceeds the first temperature limit. When sensed temperature ofthe entity reaches the second temperature limit, the processing unit is configuredto transmit a set of alert signals to at least one of the alarm units (110) and thedisplay unit (112). The processing unit (104) is configured to authenticate adhar15 identity associated with the entity, only when the second temperature limit isreached.


Shiva Sharma, Manish Sharma, Shivani Malhotra, Sachin Ahuja

Patent File Number - 202011039040        Patent File Date - 10/09/2020