The present disclosure pertains to a device (100) to facilitate 5 monitoring anddetecting blood loss including a first set of sensors (102) configured to senseblood flow within one or more tissues of an entity, a second set of sensors (104)configured to sense heart rate of the entity, a third set of sensors (106) configuredto sense mood of the entity, and a controller (108). The device (100) facilitate10 detecting blood loss and heart rate of the entity with help of the controller andinformation collected through the first set of sensors (102) and the second set ofsensors (104). The device (100) is wearable and helps in determining one or moreemotions associated with the entity with help of the third set of sensors (106) andthe controller (108), where the controller (108) facilitate alerting the entity when15 volume of blood loss is found within a pre-determined blood volume limit andpre-determined heart rate limit.

Inventors Neha Sharma, Tarandeep Kaur Bhatia, Sonam Mittal

Patent File Number - 202011054775        Patent File Date - 16-12-2020