The present disclosure pertains to a device for tracking foreign entity. The device 100 includes a data acquisition unit 102 configured to scan codes associated with travelling information of one or more foreign entities, and correspondingly generate a first set of signals, a positioning unit 104 configured to detect location and position parameters, and correspondingly generate a second set of signal, a processing unit 106 operatively coupled with the data acquisition unit 102and the positioning unit, 104andconfigured to extract retrieved codes associated with the travelling information from the first set of signals, location history associated with the one or more foreign entities from the second set of signals, compare the retrieved codes and location history with predefined limit ranges, decrypt the retrieved codes when at least one of the code is found within predefined limit ranges, and identifies at least one of the foreign entity among one or more foreign entities based on the decrypted retrieved codes and compared location history.


Shalii Rani, Sachin Ahuja, Shvet Jain, Cherry Mangla

Patent File Number - 202011026876        Patent File Date - 25/06/2020