According an embodiment, the present disclosure provides a device for segregating objects inlimited illumination. A device for segregating objects in limited illumination comprises animaging device to capture one or more images of one or more objects in the limited illuminationenvironment. An image processing unit operatively coupled to the imaging device, theprocessing unit comprising a processor coupled to a memory, the memory storing instructionsexecutable by the processor to extract one or more features of the captured one or more images,wherein the one or more features pertains to visual features of the captured one or more images,identify the one or more objects from the captured one or more images by detection of edges ofthe one or more objects based on the extracted one or more features and responsive to theidentified one or more objects, determine extent of diffusion for each of the identified one ormore objects to enable segregation of the identified one or more objects based on the determinedextent of diffusion to enable recognition of the object in the limited illumination environment.


Muthukumaran Malarvel, Soumya Ranjan Nayak

Patent File Number - 201911041599        Patent File Date - 14/10/2019