A device for reducing moisture from food grains is disclosed. According to an embodiment, the device can include: a hopper coupled with a housing configured to receive the food grains from inlet of the hopper and hold the food grains, wherein the hopper further configured to allow flow of the stored food grains through an outlet; a set of sensors, configured to measure moisture content in the food grains; a bed configured inside the housing to receive the food grains from the outlet of the hopper, wherein the bed is at a inclined downwards to allow conveying of the food grains from the outlet of the hopper to an outlet of the housing; and a heater configured with the bed to provide heating of the food grains placed on the bed; a control unit configured to control temperature of the heater based on the sensed moisture content


K Z Molla, Gurasees Singh

Patent File Number - 201811041912        Patent File Date - 05/11/2018