Device for Printing A Design Pattern on A Part of Body

A device for printing a design pattern on a part of body is disclosed. The device includes a scanner for scanning the part of the body on which the design is to be printed. A processing unit operatively coupled with the scanner, the processing unit comprising a processor coupled to a memory, the memory storing instructions executable by the processor to extract set of
features from the scanned part of the body, wherein the set of features pertains to physical texture and dimensions of the scanned part of the body, in response to receipt of a set of instructions pertaining to selection of at least one of a set of design patterns, optimize the selected at least one design pattern based on the extracted set of features, and generate an
output signal to enable printing of the optimized design pattern on the part of the body.


Ashish Gera, Junedul Haque, Varinder Singh

Patent File Number - 201911051945        Patent File Date - 14/12/2019